Public Meeting on Sustainable Jobs & Co Ops

Venue:   Menlo Park Hotel         Time:  8PM         Date:  Monday 18th June

The areas covered by the speakers are:

  1. Outlining emerging thinking on what are the sustainable jobs.
  2. Looking at the added value of linking a range of technologies (a permaculture approach to job creation).  Presenting a vision incorporating the green-tech, sustainable energy, food, waste and biomass sectors.
  3. The Spanish approach to Horticulture and the import substitution opportunities in the food sector.
  4. An Electricity Storage Co Op as a flagship project example
  5. Sustainable Biomass opportunities (TBC).
  6. Outlining some of the opportunities which exist for co-operatives and the support needed.
  7. The successes and failures of Co Operatives in Ireland.

The event details the “what” (are the sustainable jobs), and the “how” we can make this happen via co-ops.

The event is not:

  • About immediate jobs (it is a starting point but needs people’s input to make it happen).
  • About a reliance on grants, bank loans etc. (it’s about doing it ourselves first and if help arrives later that’s a bonus).
  • About Government support (support would be welcomed but there’s no guarantee).
  • A talk shop for moaning about what is wrong.
  • A party political event – audience will be asked to leave any political opportunism / point scoring / Government bashing etc. at the door.
  • A re-invention of pre-recession jobs (instead the focus is on jobs in the “sustainability” sector).

An audience discussion will also be facilitated with some desired outcomes as follows:

  • Commitment from people in the audience that they will give time and energy to making things happen.
  • Expansion of the message to like minded people using the audience’s networks.
  • People to go away with job ideas and a sense of what is possible with the right set-up.
  • People to go away with the idea of co operatives as being potentially how we can create new jobs.
  • Political support to arrive when it’s needed. (commitment from politicians)
  • People gain a better understanding of “sustainable” jobs.
  • Some people willing to commit money to a co operative down the road.
  • People beginning to think about ideas on Co Op financing.

To decide if you should attend, links to further description pages with example visions are provided below:


You do not need to have a background in any of the sectors covered in the proposed agenda which are merely a starting point.  Opportunities may emerge from this in areas as diverse as manual work, retailing, admin, creative finance,  farming, training, management and many more.

The only requirement is an interest or passion in sustainable jobs for yourself and your community.


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