Transition Galway Constitution

Transition Galway Constitution Draft 1.0


The name of the organisation shall be Transition Galway and shall henceforth be referred to as TG.


The initial area covered by TG shall be Galway City.


The aims of TG are as follows:

(a.) To tackle the issues of climate change, peak oil and economic vulnerability at a local level and encourage a community led response to these challenges in the Galway City area.
(b.) To proactively work in cooperation with existing institutions, organisations, grassroots movements and community initiatives to bring about constructive solutions.
(c.) To raise awareness by promoting, encouraging and supporting education and research concerning the need to develop a low carbon, sustainable future through ethical, social, cultural, economic, environmental and community action.
(d.) To provide a platform by which members and associates of TG may give other groups and individuals with the encouragement and support necessary to make the transition to a low carbon, sustainable, ethical future.


The objectives of TG are as follows:

(a.) To support, encourage and work towards local action and solutions addressing the issues associated with climate change, peak oil and economic vulnerability.
(b.) That Galway City Council becomes a Transition Council.
(c.) To create and implement an Energy Decent Action Plan for Galway City area.
(d.) To create strong working groups in areas such as Energy, Food, Transport, Inner Transition & Wellbeing and so forth.
(e.) To support and promote to enable localisation of key sectors such as food, renewable energy, transport etc.
(f.) To lobby local and national representatives to acknowledge the clear and present danger posed to local communities by peak oil and rising energy prices.
(g.) To support and work with the Transition Network and other relevant local and national organisations with similar goals in achieving a vibrant, sustainable and resilient Galway.
(h.) The actions of TG should be guided by principles of environmental and social justice. [MORE ABOUT PARTICIPATIVE DEMOCRACY/EQUITY (EQUALITY)/SOCIAL JUSTICE…]