A Vision for Galway


“Everyone has a role to play in shaping an exciting and inspiring future for Galway”

VDI Some of the participants at Galway Visioning Day at Scoil Chroí Íosa

On the 6th April, 2013, Transition Galway hosted the ‘Galway Visioning Day’ at Scoil Chroí Íosa (Presentation Primary School) on Newcastle Road. Launched by the Mayor of Galway City, Cllr. Terry O’Flaherty, ‘Galway Visioning Day’ was an opportunity for the public to share their ideas to create a plan for a low-carbon, sustainable Galway City by the year 2030. Similar plans have been produced for Kinsale, Co. Cork, Totnes in England and many other places around the world. On the day, participants shared their ideas with others at various tables covering a range of topics such as energy, food, community and education. During intervals, there was live music and comedy provided by local performers, and the event was well attended and a great success. The hosts recorded all of the ideas generated.

While many great ideas were suggested at the ‘Galway Visioning Day’, Transition Galway decided to go deeper into each area and create a more comprehensive plan for the city. Phase two of the process happened between March and May 2014, when the group invited the people of Galway to a series of open, free, public visioning events at the Galway Rowing Club in Woodquay. The event focused on eight topics: energy; food and water; infrastructure; community and education; arts and culture; economics; waste; and inner transition.

Visioning Session I 'Infrastructure' - participants including Cllr. Frank Fahy brainstorming ideas

Visioning Session I ‘Infrastructure’ – participants including Cllr. Frank Fahy brainstorming ideas

In the months following, members of Transition Galway compiled all of the ideas, big and small, received from the public at these sessions, and via the website, into this one final document. This document has been divided into eight chapters, mirroring the eight topics covered in the second series of visioning events. Each chapter was co-written by a team of volunteers, who collaborated to bring together all of the ideas relating to that topic as clearly and coherently as possible.

So that as many people as possible can access the solutions, the final document will be available online to download for free, and printed copies will be distributed to local schools, libraries and other appropriate places in Galway. Copies will also be issued to all local politicians, as well as to staff members of the City Council.

Transition Galway wish to thank all supporters who helped with this project.

We especially wish to thank the public for all the practical and creative ideas that we hope will help make Galway a more abundant and fulfilling place to live in for all of us in the future.

We hope that this document will in some way go towards creating a better, more resilient Galway by 2030. However, only by starting today and by working together will we create, to paraphrase writer Charles Eisenstein, the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Join us in creating that world.