Film screening, June 2014 – ‘Welcome to our World’

We are organising a public screening of the Galway documentary film ’Welcome to our World’ in ‘The Cottage Bar’ on Lower Salthill this Tuesday 10th June at 8pm. The screening will be followed by a talk on the film by Margaretta D’Arcy, the director of the film. This event is being organised by Transition Galway and is part of their regular series of film screenings and ‘Green Drinks Galway’ talks.


“The historic city of Galway is reputed to be a fun loving city for visitors and residents alike. But there is a darker side, encountered daily by wheelchair users. Fast moving and funny with moments of anger frustration, pain and courage.
Welcome to the world of the wheelchair user.  Using a wide range of interviews and other footage to provide a real insight into what everyday life is like for local wheelchair users and the common difficulties that they face in terms of simply getting around Galway”.
The genesis of the idea was when the writer John Arden and the filmmaker Frank Stapleton found themselves seated together in the only two wheelchair spaces available at the Galway Film Fleadh.

Director: Margaretta D’Arcy
Producers: Laurie Allen & Finn Arden


“Fast moving, funny with moments of anger, frustration, pain and courage.”

“’Welcome to our World’ was made in Galway but it is a film about everywhere”.
Terence McGinity, Art Therapist UK

“This courageous, beautifully made film is an invaluable resource for every classroom. ”
Trish McHale, Teacher

“Having reached the age of sixty avoiding pot holes and cracks in paths, I never saw Galway city through the eyes of people in wheelchairs.”
Máire Holmes, Poet & Playwright

WelcomeToOurWorld2“For me the film brought home the very real barriers experienced by people with disabilities and how these barriers effectively exclude people from everyday activities and the things we all take for granted- access to the things we like to do, going where we want to go, having choices etc. We all have a role to play in challenging this and ensuring that our own services and supports are inclusive and that we consistently challenge structures that exclude and marginalise others”.
Anne Kenny, Manager Senior Support Services Cope Galway

“I cried particularly at the ending and when I turned around every one else was crying too.”
Aideen Lee, Director Brunswick Group (PR & Communications Company)



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