Visioning Sessions II: Economics and Arts & Culture

All are welcome to our next public visioning event taking place on Saturday 5th April. This event covers the topics: ‘Economics’ and ‘Arts & Culture’, with the ‘Economics’ session at 11am-1pm and the ‘Arts & Culture’ session from 2pm-4pm.


As outlined in a previous post, Transition Galway are inviting the public to to envisage a sustainable future for Galway by the year 2030.  Basically, these are brainstorming sessions enabling people to create a positive vision of the future by sharing practical and creative ideas. People are welcome to drop in for all or part of any visioning session to contribute to this process.

All sessions will take place at the Galway Rowing Club in Woodquay.



(i.) Attend on the day – and give your opinion on what direction Galway should take
(ii.) Be a host in one of the sessions (contact us if you are interested)
(iii.) Be an anchor at a table (recording ideas and keeping the conversation moving at a table of 4-5 people –
contact us if you are interested)
(iv.) Share the event on Facebook
(v.) If you can’t be there in person, you can input your ideas here:
(vi.) Put up a poster at work, college etc. (we will be printing posters soon or you could print a copy of the PDF at this link:

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