Green Drinks Galway June 2013 – Reed Beds and other Eco-friendly sewage options

5377_10200769141805061_741714049_nFéidhlim Harty of FH Wetland Systems in Ennis is the guest speaker at the June 2013 Green Drinks Galway event. Féidhlim will be speaking on reed beds and other forms of environmentally sound ways of dealing with wastewater. The talk takes place in the Cottage Bar, Lower Salthill on Thursday 6th June at 8pm. All are welcome!

The guest speaker gives a short talk or presentation (about 30-40 minutes) and then takes questions from the audience. Many people stay on for a drink or two afterwards. Food, tea, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available at the bar. Green Drinks Galway is organised by Transition Galway.

Reed beds and constructed wetlands are now well established as recognised sewage treatment options in the EPA Code of Practice (Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses). Other systems such as compost toilets and even willow facilities are still waiting for formal recognition in Irish legislation. However, many people are putting them in anyway (usually with full planning permission – in the case of willow facilities anyway), and helping to protect their local groundwater and surface water from sewage pollution.

Féidhlim Harty is an environmental consultant and author of Get Rid of Your Bin – and Save Money, a handy guide to household waste minimisation. He grew up beside Cork Harbour, and has been involved in constructed wetland work since the first International Constructed Wetland Conference was held in Midleton twenty years ago this year. FH Wetland Systems was set up in 1996 to promote constructed wetland systems as an effective, affordable and sustainable sewage treatment method, ultimately to help move the country in the direction of cleaner waterways. In recent years his work with Zero Discharge Willow Facilities has attracted a lot of attention from engineers and councils as planning permissions have dried up on sites that don’t dry up, so to speak. These systems use willow trees to evaporate 100% of the septic tank effluent, and provide you with firewood into the bargain.