Forest Garden Film Thursday, August 16 Cottage Bar at 8:00pm

There will be a screening of the film ‘A Forest Garden Year with Martin Crawford’ followed by a talk on edible plants on Thursday 16th August in a local venue to be confirmed.

In 1994 Martin Crawford started to plant a forest garden on a two-acre site on the Dartington estate in south Devon, and it is now largely mature. In this film he explains the principles of forest gardening, which is a kind of agroforestry. Forest gardens: are largely self-sustaining, containing a large number of very diverse species; provide a wide variety of fruits, nuts, edible leaves, medicinal plants and fibres; are self-fertilising by the use of specific plants which supply nutrients; use a large number of perennial crops, and are highly productive in terms of land use. The documentary was filmed over a ten-month period to show the forest garden in all seasons of the year.


Botanist Matthew O’Toole (NUIG) will give an introductory talk on wild edible plants (and seaweeds), what potential foods we ignore everyday. How these plants can be eaten, used in recipes to give new tastes etc. This talk aims to serve as a general introduction only.


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