All Ireland Permaculture Gathering 2012 – Bus from Galway organised by Ecosoc

This year’s island-wide Permaculture Gathering will take place on an evolving Permaculture farm in the heart of Ireland this August 3rd – 6th.

Building on the momentum from last year’s gathering in Wicklow, the goal again this year is to organize a weekend camp in a private location to support the growing number of permaculturalists in Ireland by providing an opportunity to network, celebrate & learn from one another. We also hope that preparation for the event & the weekend itself could bring energy, vision, experience, skills & time to help develop the farm project in permaculture related ways.

Opportunities for learning how to work in non-hierarchical ways and share the surplus of knowledge will be key. This will not be a passive event laid on by some others, but rather an active participatory gathering where we create it together. Every participant has a role in making the event happen. Anybody can get involved and help out.

If you suggest something the lightly answer will be “thats a great idea, go right ahead and do it or organize it.” The only criteria is that things fit into the Permaculture Ethics and Principals (e.g. earth care, people care, fair share, produce no waste, capture and store energy etc).

Cost of attendance will be the same for everyone as we will all be volunteers and kept affordable to ensure ease of access.

Find more information on our website

EcoSoc Galway is organising a bus to the All Ireland permaculture gathering on the weekend of the 3rd of August, getting people together for a sustainable and affordable way of getting there and back is the aim. So if you’re planning on coming to the gathering from Galway, consider choosing the bus, it’ll be an easy, sustainable and affordable way to get there and good craic too!

We will be leaving from Galway Cathedral car park and coming back the Monday (bank hol) morning. We haven’t decided on a time yet as need to see whether Friday evening or Sat morning suits people better. So if you are coming please write on the event wall which would suit you best.

Tickets cost 19 return for waged and 10 returns students.

Deposit: 10 euro
Please pay the deposit into Ecosoc’s account. Details are as follows:
sort code: 90-40-18
account number: 80939172 (09)

Once you have done this please email to let us know you have paid your deposit.


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