Earth Hour events (Sat 31st March)

Transition Galway are extending Earth Hour to a day long series of events this Saturday 31st March. These include an Awareness Campaign on Shop Street, a Tribal Spirit Drum and Song Session, a Movement Meditation in Barna Woods, and a Lantern Walk. All are welcome to attend any one or all of the events!
ph: 087 125 4817

Earth Hour is an International event which takes place each year and is growing in popularity with both businesses and residents. The event normally takes place around the equinox to facilitate a “big switch off” of lights which is the most popular action to date. However, this year Transition Galway wants to broaden the range of activities in which people can take part.

[A.] 11am-2pm: The awareness table on Shop St. will be used to offer people ‘Social-Eco contracts’ which encourage people to sign up to a social or eco task from simple to more challenging. Examples of the contracts include committing to using reusable shopping bags, insulating your home, turning vegan or vegetarian for the week, taking part in a random act of kindness, or taking the bus for a day, week or month (see full list at bottom).

On signing a contract members of the public will be entered to a prize draw (they can select the prize they would prefer if picked out).

Examples of the prizes on offer include two tickets to Funky Seomra event later on Saturday evening, a Kinesiology treatment by Des Richmond, a home energy consultancy by Greener Smarter Energy Consultants, a Painting by artist Chris Harden, a 1-on-1 yoga therapy session with Aisling Richmond, organic horticulture-gardening advice with Fergus Whitney, a fruit tree, and an organic veg box (see full list at bottom).

[B.] A Tribal Spirit Drum and Song Session is taking place at 1pm in Shop St. Meet at our information table along Shop Street.

[C.] A Movement Meditation in Bearna Woods. Meet at Bearna Woods Car Park at 4pm.

[D.] A lantern walk from Eyre Square to rowing club is also planned for the fading of daylight at 8pm. Meet at Browne’s Doorway, Eyre Square at 8pm.

[E.] The Funky Seomra event (alcohol-free club at the Commercial Rowing Club, Woodquay) on Saturday night will be dimming the lights for the first hour and we are also hoping to engage with the City and County Councils with a view to encouraging more public participation in Earth Hour.

‘social-eco contracts/pledges’
1. Turn off your lights/power to mark Earth Hour 2012 between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on 31st March
2. Commit to using reusable shopping bags
3. Take part in a random act of kindness
4. Walk or cycle to work/school for a day
5. Take the bus for a day/week/month instead of the car
6. Buy organic for one week (local and fairtrade where possible)
7. Turn vegan or vegetarian for a week
8. Plant a fruit tree/s for yourself or your family
9. Grow your own vegetables this year
10. Insulate your attic and/or walls

1. Two tickets to Funky Seomra (takes place Sat. night 31st March)
2. A local organic vegetable box
3. 3 x gardening books
4. €20 local health shop voucher
5. Fruit tree
6. Organic garden advice fro qualified horticulturalist
7. Original painting by arist Chris Kuemmel
8. Kinesiology treatment by Des Richmond
9. 1on1 yoga class or yoga therapy by Aisling Richmond
10. Home energy consultancy by Greener Smarter