March Screening: SOLUTIONS NIGHT’pt1

This months film screening starts at 8pm in The Spirit Centre, Nun’s Island on Wednesday 14th March – All welcome!

‘SOLUTIONS NIGHT’ Possible solutions to our social & economic problems.
Part 1- Act Global think Local – Creating Global Abundance
Part 2- Act Local think Global – Reclaiming Community Power

“Part 1”
Will be showing a edited film and lecture around the idea of a Resource Based Economy and the Zeitgeist Movement. The lecture focuses on sustainability and human health as a measure of social progress (not GDP). It asks the QUESTION ‘What are the lasting foundations of human health and prosperity? and how to create a system which meets those needs for the entire population.

The ideas presents will be new to many and if your not familiar with it would seem truncated (which it is) but bare in mind this is a compressed primer and everyone is encouraged to follow up if you have questions with all the resources available at where a much more extensive explanation of an RBE can be found.

Part 2- Act Local think Global – Reclaiming Community Power
The following months screening will be showing a number of edited films which aims to continue the train of thought but in a more hands on way.

Both nights aim to show the incredible possibilities and positive solutions that are available for creating a more peaceful, abundant and sustainable world.

▼▲▲▼▼▲▼▲▼▼▲THE GLOBAL EVENT▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▼▲▼
This event will also be part of the annual world wide “Z-day” event which takes place this weekend

The Zeitgeist Movement is a social movement, international, non-political and non-denominational with roughly 550,000 members across virtually all countries, currently working in over 1000 Regional Chapters.

The movement works to spread awareness of new economic & socially progressive ideas and the use of the scientific method applied toward social & environmental concern in the interest of createing a truly progressive, socially just, sustainable and peaceful global society.


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