Deirdre Lee is the guest speaker at the next Green Drinks Galway at 8pm on Thursday 2nd February in Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street. Deirdre, who is Camara Galway coordinator, will speak about the wonderful work Camara do – the title of her talk is: ‘Camara – Transforming Education through Technology’. Her talk will be followed by some questions from the floor. All are welcome!

The Camara NUI Galway Society is a local hub of the Irish charity Camara, an Irish volunteer organisation that refurbishes used computers for use in educational centres across Africa and Jamaica. The main aims of Camara NUI Galway are to establish the drop-off centre for computer donations, to provide information on Camara to the local community, and to fundraise for Camara.


Camara Education is an Irish volunteer organisation, dedicated to using technology to deliver education more effectively to disadvantaged communities across Africa, Jamaica and Ireland. Camara is a West African word that means “one who teaches with experience.” When Camara was established in 2005, we were driven by two core beliefs: 1) Education is the key for people to break the cycle of poverty they find themselves in; and 2) properly used, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be harnessed to revolutionize the way world class education is delivered to disadvantaged communities. Since its foundation, Camara has shipped nearly 30,000 computers to 1,656 schools, with each PC enabling 21 students to achieve digital literacy over its life.

Camara Galway was set up as a NUI Galway Society in 2010 to give the local community a chance to learn more about Camara, as well as provide a drop-off hub for their computer donations. The Camara Galway hub is open on the first Wednesday of every month from 10am-6pm. More information at www.camara.ie